Monday, March 21, 2011

We Love K......

A certain young lady here at Northside, that has 4 children, and is from Kentucky sent her children to torture me Sunday. She knows I do not like Kentucky basketball and so she sent her children to torment me. They came to where I was sitting and asked me to bend down so that they could tell me a secret. When I did they started yelling "We love Kentucky." Not once but over and over and over. Now I know that Arkansas Children where not born with a love for Kentucky. Somebody had to fill their little hearts with such nonsense. You see we are what we are taught.

We really can't blame others. By and large our children imitate what they see at home. There are exceptions but generally this is true. So parents and grandparents be so careful what you are teaching your kids about life, the church, priorities, respect for other races, God and the Lord Jesus himself.

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